Rev. Jeff Bauer


Hi, My name is Rev. Jeffrey Bauer.  I am the retired pastor of Christ Church in Bethlehem, PA.  My intent is to use this page to share significant events in my life and share insights that I have stumbled onto about Ham Radio and Photography.

For Photography, I normally use a Canon 5dS R Digital SLR, and a Canon 6d Digital SLR.  I also take some pictures with a 35 mm Canon AE1 film SLR Camera, and a Crown Graphic 4x5 Film Camera and recently a Calumet/Cambo SC  and Cambo Legend 4x5 View Cameras.  I use film negatives and positives for direct printing and also these can be scanned for extraordinary resolution digital photos.  I also use a BetterLight Super 8K-2 Scanning back with the 4x5 cameras for architecture and landscapes.   I use MAC OS X applications for my digital photographs.  Principally, I use Aperture and Adobe Photoshop / Photoshop Elements.  I sometimes print the pictures locally both digital and also in my darkroom, which I enjoy, but I also enjoy uploading them to Shutterfly and allowing them to print standard photos.

For Ham Radio, I am licensed as WA3PNY with a General Class license.  My shack consists of the following radio equipment:  Drake 4C Line transmitter and receiver, Ten Tec Corsair II, Yaesu FT-857 for digital modes, and a Yaesu FT-2000.  I also operate an ICOM IC-800-H on DSTAR through the W3OI-C/B repeater.  I also use a DVAP and DV-Dongle for DSTAR.  In my car, I have an additional ID 5100, and a CSI-800 for DMR.  Around the house, I use an IC-91-AD and ID-51A hand-talkies along with DMR and System Fusion.  I enjoy HF communications on SSB and digital communications using PK31.  I also am experimenting with several digital voice modes on HF.  My shack is outfitted with a dual band 146/440 MHz vertical antenna, a 20 M end fed dipole, a 40 M end fed Dipole, an Eagle 1 vertical HF antenna, and a bottom matched inverted L antenna.  I enjoy communications within the continental US and all over the world.

welcome to the world as seen through my eyes

I enjoy both digital and analog photography.  Most if not all my small format photography is digital, but I also do large format work at 4x5 inch, which is done with standard B&W and Color Film.  I also am just beginning to use a scanning digital back for 4x5 format.